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The U.S. Senate condemned the suppression of the Cuban dictatorship during the Great Depression

The U.S. Senate condemned the suppression of the Cuban dictatorship during the Great Depression

Bob Menendez (Photo: Reuters)

Senate United States The resolution was passed unanimously condemning this Tuesday.Oppression“In Cuba After the July 11 protests Sent a message of solidarity to the people of the Caribbean.

The report was promoted by the Cuban-American, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menandes.

The legislator, in his speech, highlighted that after the resolution is passed, the Senate sends “A powerful message about the real historical events that have taken place on the island in recent weeks.”

Resolution Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott avoids a lockout attempt, What does he want Tighten Text but he finally withdrew his objection.

The decision follows a series of announcements and sanctions by US President Joe Biden’s administration. Against the authorities in Havana.

According to Menandes, the Senate adds to this resolution “Your Voice for Continuous Efforts” And strengthens solidarity with the Cuban people “In his efforts to restore democracy and human rights in his country.”

Democratic senator pledges to Cuban government “More than 700 arrested” After the demonstrations.

Menendez noted that there were more prisoners. “Asynchronous“, When”Dozens more“Subjected”Abstract tests without access to legal protection”Or the appropriate process.

On Monday, U.S. senators approved the naming of the street Washington Who is ahead Embassy of Cuba In memory of the late Cuban opponent Oswaldo Bay (1952-2012).

In addition, last Friday, the Biden government The National Revolutionary Police (PNR) allowed its director, Scar Colleges Walcors and his Deputy Director, Eddie Sierra Arias Location Image, His role was said to be to suppress anti-government protests like never before in that country.

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Earlier, the Treasury Department announced action against Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) Minister Alvaro Lopez-Mierra. An elite military unit popularly known as the “Black Wasps” or “Black Berets”.

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