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“There may be a process to Haitianize Cuba”

“There may be a process to Haitianize Cuba”

Emilio Morales, director and CEO of Havana Consulting Group, believes that if the Cuban economy continues to deteriorate, we are on the path to the “Haitinization” of the country. Given in an interview Cyber ​​Cuba, The dollar will continue to rise on the island, warning that there is only one way to stop the depreciation of the Cuban peso, and that is by bringing about change in the system and taking to the streets to hold the regime to account.

Cyber ​​Cuba: What can Cuban families on the island expect from the economy?

Emilio Morales: The only way is for families to take to the streets to demand accountability from a government that ignores people's basic needs. In the beginning, he sold the people the idea that they were going to have a prosperous future with free healthcare, free education and some basic needs being satisfactorily covered. In the end the government has become a mafia controlling keiza that has neglected all its duties to the people. If so, the people have every right to hold the government accountable, which in the end will not let them prosper. It does not allow them to create wealth. Even the Constitution perpetuates the accumulation of wealth. So, under these Mypyme laws, even if you earn dollars in your legitimate, free, transparent business, they won't let you use them. They get those dollars. Everything is a mechanism to overwhelm and suffocate you. So, under this, what do you have? All you have to do is survive. as? You have to hold the government accountable somehow. Try to achieve a new system. There is no other way.

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Does this mean the dollar will continue to rise? Is the Cuban Peso Continuing to Depreciate?

As long as the government can't solve all these problems, the dollar will continue to rise because demand will be high and supply will be short. It's an equation that's not going to stand. And that's what's going to change, starting with agriculture, which is not doing what it needs to do to continue to implement such stupid measures without freeing the productive forces that are the main bottleneck. When China and Vietnam changed their system, they started agriculture, but they didn't want people to be prosperous and people to start accumulating wealth.

Emilio believes there is an economist in Cuba who will tell Díaz-Canel this…or not.

They have economists and everyone says so. The Russians say, the Chinese say, the Vietnamese say, it's a problem of a power elite that clings to power and doesn't want to lose it, doesn't want to take any risks.

Yesterday Díaz-Canel made a plan from the Presidency, explaining whether rice and bread will be available from now until June. When you look at it, you can't imagine a person in charge of a country devoting himself to those things and giving a speech like a Biden or an Emmanuel Macron to talk about food distribution. Have you seen the condition Cuba is experiencing today? Has this happened in any other country in the world?

Now, I don't think so. If this continues, we can say that the process of turning Cuba into Haitian will occur. Crime in Cuba is on the rise at an alarming rate. Killing someone on the street to get a cell phone or 20 paise a day and nothing happens. However, a person comes out with an identity, there is police, state security, counterintelligence. Fifty men to arrest one and take him to court. Not for criminals. It becomes confusing; It becomes a struggle for survival. Hunger is a bad counselor. When people have nothing to eat, they believe in nothing. Those who left Santiago and other cities in the East on March 17 left because they had nothing to eat, to whom they were going to complain if they did not live in America. They reside in Cuba and must report to the Cuban government; To the party of Cuba, to that single party that suffocated, suffocated, and starved them. They are responsible for all the chaos in the country. There, no one came out to reduce the embargo or reduce the blockade or bring down Biden. They came out demanding homeland and life, freedom, food and electricity.

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From Havana Consulting Group, you have advised companies. Can companies be encouraged to invest in Cuba at this time?

No, investing in Cuba today is suicidal.