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The world's oldest living dog lives in Chihuahua and Florida

The world’s oldest living dog lives in Chihuahua and Florida

Twenty-one years and three months is the oldest dog in the world to live. According to the Guinness Book of Records, a Chihuahua named “Tobykeet” from Florida (USA).

Tobygith, whose name Inspired by a folk music singerShe was born on January 9, 2001, and was adopted by Kisela Shore a few months ago.

In reports recreated this Wednesday by the Florida media, Shore speaks of Tobykeet, who he defines “His little bodyguard”, he was “sweet, gentle and caring”.

The woman, who lives with her longtime pet in Greencross (Florida) about 90 kilometers from Miami, found out 20 years ago that an elderly couple had a puppy just a few months old. Keep an eye out ..

He then contacted the owners of the puppy called Peanut Butter and decided to adopt it.

For the past two decades, the beach Has cared for more than 150 dogs And the puppies are maintained by Becky Adams Animal Rescue Organization, where she volunteers.

When Tobykeet was 20 years old, Shore He thought his pet might be a very old dog Went to the World and Guinness Book of Records, an organization certified on March 16, 2022, although it is now known to be true.

Reached this record in 21 years and 66 days of life.

According to Shore, the news filled her and her friends with joy. To celebrate, Tobykeet received a bath, a manicure and a car ride.

Luna, a 7 – year – old American Bulldog, and Lala, a 3 – year – old dog, live in the world’s oldest dog show house.

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Tobykeet likes to lie down in the sun and sleep all day, but before that he enjoyed long walks and playing games.

“I want recognition that he lived a long and healthy life with me. We love him so much. Achieving this achievement is a testament to the loving home we have given him.

Tobykeet is a great blessing. I’m very lucky he’s still in my life. “Said the owner of the oldest dog in the world.