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Colombian immigrants to the United States: Continuing on the rise - USA - International

Colombian immigrants to the United States: Continuing on the rise – USA – International

Despite the measures taken to prevent immigration, the avalanche of Colombians coming to the southern border of the United States with the intention of staying in this country continues.

This week the US Customs and Border Control Office (CBP) released figures for March, which are worrying.

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Authorities detained 15,144 Colombian nationals who attempted to enter the country illegally or sought asylum between January 1 and 31.

This is 58 percent higher than the previous month (9,600), which was already a record in recent history and tripled the number in January (3,911 arrests).

According to this, the United States has detained 40,000 Colombians so far in fiscal 2022 (beginning October 2021).

This is an increase of 545 percent in the first six months of fiscal 2021 (6,200 arrests) compared to all illegal settlements.

If you look at it monthly and take the first data available from the CBP (October 2019), the increase is 36,000 percent: from 41 meetings that month to 15,144 last month.

More migration to the southern border has caused concern among U.S. officials, who last month signed an agreement with Colombia. The natives were expelled by the controversial title 42, which allows the people to be explicitly removed And without proper immigration process accusing that the Govt-19 epidemic has created a health emergency in the country.

Since then, in this way, more than 2,000 Colombians have been expelled from the United States and returned on charter flights funded by Washington.

To date, 20 aircraft of this type have already arrived since last month, according to sources discussed in this newspaper.

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But the administration of President Joe Biden announced on May 23 the end of the use of Title 42, which indicates that migration will increase next month rather than decrease.

According to a number of organizations monitoring the situation, including the WOLA, there are a number of factors driving Colombians to migrate to the United States.

Among them, the economic hardships left in the country by these two years of contagion were understood by many as Biden’s visit to the presidency – a call for relocation after a four – year lockout used by the previous administration of Donald Trump. Democrats expel expatriates on record And since there is no visa to enter Mexico, they first come by plane and then try to cross the border.

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