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The Virgen de las Nieves Hospital and the UGR created the first chair for social well-being and health

The Virgen de las Nieves Hospital and the UGR created the first chair for social well-being and health

he University Hospital Virgen de las Nieves and University of Granada We created a new chair to promote training, research, practical application and dissemination of knowledge about nursing care to promote social well-being and health.

hospital manager , Maria Angeles Garcia Riscalvo, the dean of the university, Pilar Aranda Signed a cooperation agreement to promote interdisciplinary teaching and research activities related to social well-being and health, through research, training, dissemination and transfer of knowledge in the area of ​​mutual interest of both institutions.

With this chair, the Andalusian Care Research Network It is intended to highlight the care, teaching and research work of nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. This is the second chair owned by this hospital of Granada, which also operates another chair with the University of Seville called Research in Healthcare and Outcomes.

The managing director of the Granada Hospital noted that “for this hospital, which is already a benchmark in research, this chair is a tribute to the rigorous, scientific and fundamental work of nursing professionals who go beyond the practice of daily care in close attention to patients, who also investigate and are trained to provide the best results based on on clinical evidence.”

For her part, the university president stressed that “this agreement constitutes a means to establish permanent and satisfactory strategic cooperation relations for both parties, as has been the case for years with the hospital.”

Both institutions are committed to giving strategic importance to the development of research, postgraduate training and the organization of scientific activities between Granada University and Granada Hospital specialists, designing joint research, teaching, analysis and consulting programmes, as well as promoting doctoral dissertations that benefit patients.

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