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The United States is implementing a mobile application for travelers to fill out Form I-94

The United States is implementing a mobile application for travelers to fill out Form I-94

Florida, USA

Foreigners going to the United States can present Form I-94 Via mobile application CBP One.

Of power Form I-94 a CBP OnThis will allow passengers to save time and do it a few days in advance.

The Office of Customs and Border Control (CBP) Requests o Form I-94 “Now we can deliver them through mobile app CBP One To make the international journey to the country better ”.

Application CBP One It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Cost of requesting a I-94 Using a mobile app is 00 6.00, which is the same cost as applying I-94 website Or upon arrival at the port of entry.

Functions of Form I-94 Within CBP One they offer a mobile application version of CBP’s I-94 website, providing the most convenient way for travelers to apply for I-94 up to seven days after arrival. I-94 Electronic from your mobile device.

To further streamline the process I-94 Land boundaries, CBP Stub no longer prints I-94 In port land ports, it saves extra time for passengers.

Properties of “ I-94 Ann CBP One is designed to save time for foreign travelers and streamline operations at ports entering the country’s northern and southern land borders, ”said William Ferrara, CBP’s Deputy Commissioner for Field Operations.

“The application promotes scope CBP It demonstrates our commitment to facilitating legal travel to the United States and to creating a safer, simpler and more efficient, innovative travel process, “he said.

Air and sea travelers, who are provided with automatic I-94s during the admission process at the port of entry, can use the app to verify their travel history and expiration date. I-94 Get your resource I-94 Electronic.

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The Form I-94 Registration of all persons entering the United States (except U.S. citizens), returning foreign visitors, foreign visitors with immigrant visas, and most Canadian citizens visiting or sending through the United States.

Foreign visitors can use the form to adjust their status or extend their stay while in the United States.