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The United States has allowed three people to commit corruption and money laundering in Paraguay

The United States has allowed three people to commit corruption and money laundering in Paraguay

Qasim Mohammed Hijazi with the Paraguayan Police and Judiciary this Tuesday (enSenad_Paraguay)

United States Allowed this Tuesday Three people are said to be involved in the money laundering gangHe is accused of playing a role in corruption in Paraguay Five related companies.

The U.S. Treasury Department has identified three Paraguays allowed Qasim Mohammad Hijazi (Who was arrested this Tuesday), Khalil Ahmed Hijazi and Liz Paula Dolton, Those who are punished by virtue Le Global Magnitsky, Applies to Washington teachers Human rights violations and corruption in the world.

This allowed all three companies to be owned by Khalil Ahmad Hijazi. Embrentimentos Inmopilioris Missions SA, Apollo Informatica SA and Mundo Informatico Paraguay SA.; To someone controlled by Mohammed Mohammed Hijazi, Spain Information SA (Registered in Paraguay); Another owned by Toldon, Mobile Zone International Import-Export SRL

When Qasim Mohammad Hijazi was arrested
When Qasim Mohammed Hijazi was arrested

The United States has said in a statement that Qasim is “Mohammed Hijazi” Has been working as a shipper in Paraguay since at least 2017 And he is said to be the head of the underlying money laundering organization Eastern City.

According to the Treasury, this authorized person “Strong relationshipsWith politicians in the area, the police, lawyers and owners of money laundering companies, Provides security and economic power to operate in the area.

Similarly, according to the US government, it has a relationship with the Paraguayan administration, which allows it No legal action has been taken against your illegal organization. What “Sharing Agent“Adding to the treasury, Qasim Mohammad Hijaji, hires companies Import And Export, Like Espa├▒a Inform├ítica SA, take goods from the US and sell in Paraguay.

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Money received from this business is sent through transfer offices and banks in Ciudad del Este. USA, China and Hong Kong, Elsewhere. Hijazi USA Spain As a basis for integration with suppliers in the United States and China Import electronics to Paraguay and avoid taxes and launder money through this process.

In the picture, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen (Photo: EFE)
In the picture, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen (Photo: EFE)

In the case of Khalil Ahmad Hijazi, the Treasury explained that it forbade him “Provided material assistance, funding or financial, material or technical support in support of goods or services or cash.”

For its part, the treasury identifies Dolton Qasim claims to be one of Mohammed Hijazi’s associates Intermediary Washington mentions that intermediaries pay when shipping goods from the United States Bribery To port workers, dispatchers and others responsible for Paraguay customs Processes imports and exports through the entry ports of Paraguay.

The US government recalled it Dolton and its network were the target of an anti-corruption campaign in Paraguay in 2019, which was created in Ciudad del Este and Asuncion. According to US officials, the woman worked for her company, Mobile Zone International, an import-export SRL company. Purchase items from a Miami (Florida, USA) based company and then ship those items to shell companies in Paraguay.

State Secretary, Anthony Blink, Said in a statement that the sanctions “They represent a global government effort to combat corruption on the three borders between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.”

As a result of this action, Assets that these individuals and companies may hold under U.S. jurisdiction are frozen And financial transactions with US financial institutions are prohibited.

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(With information from EFE)

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