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The United States discovered an unidentified balloon flying near Hawaii

The United States discovered an unidentified balloon flying near Hawaii

The United States has detected an unidentified balloon flying near Hawaii. (Photo: AP File)

The United States Armed Forces They found New EarthUnknown origin, flying near the coast HawaiiAlthough he noted on Monday, there are no indications that it is being directed or controlled by “foreign or rival actors”.

The military has been tracking the balloon since last weekend.

A Pentagon spokesman said EFE That is the Department of Defense and Administration Federal Aviation (FAA, in English) An “unmanned” balloon was “discovered and observed” near Hawaii on April 28 at an altitude of about 36,000 feet (about 10,972.8 meters).

“Although it flew at altitudes used by civil aircraft, it posed no danger to civil aviation in Hawaii,” the source said.

The Army has been monitoring the device since Friday last week. (Photo: AP File)

The spokesperson assured that the device did not go “directly” through any “critical” security infrastructure or any “sensitive” government platform.

Also, based on the information they gathered from observing the device, the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, He followed the recommendation of the armed forces commanders that “no action was necessary against the balloon”.

The plane is now out of Hawaiian airspace and territorial waters They keep looking at him In conjunction with the FAA.

In late January, a Chinese “spy” balloon flew over the American continent He was shot down US Air Force over the Atlantic on February 4.

The device flew for several days over various parts of the country, including the state of Montana (northwest), where one of the three existing US nuclear missile silo fields is located.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. (Photo: REUTERS/Heiko Becker)

This success Increased tensions between the US and China. Beijing admitted it owned the balloon, but argued it was lost and was used for meteorological purposes and not for espionage.

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Biden initially refused to fire it on the advice of security experts concerned about the injuries its debris could cause to people on the ground. However, when it started flying over the Atlantic Ocean, the military shot it down.

The US president had promised to “take care” of the Chinese balloon. Asked by journalists about America’s relationship with China and the world, Biden limited himself to answering: “We’ll take care of it.”

According to leaked Pentagon Papers, published by the Daily Mail this month Washington Post, The U.S. government found at least three Chinese “spy” balloons in addition to the one found in late January. One of them flew over an aircraft carrier and the other fell into the South China Sea.

(with information from EFE)

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