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The study finally reveals the moon’s mysterious interior

The study finally reveals the moon’s mysterious interior

Thanks to the fact that human exploration of the Moon brought some important instruments to the surface of the natural satellite, such as seismographs, scientists detected lunar earthquakes, and these, in turn, They revealed a lot about what’s inside the moon.

Over the past two decades, this has become apparent The moon has a fluid core, but new models show there’s more to it than that.

Inside this outer core, there is a solid inner core, like our planet.According to a new study published in the journal nature.

“The Apollo data could allow for a moon with or without an inner core, so the team looked for models that could reproduce the moon’s physical properties from its mass, how it rotates, and how tides distort it.” In the study.

“This provided indications that there must be a solid inner core,” he adds. the team appreciate it This inner core is about 310 miles across. It has a density less than that of Earth.

But that’s not the only interesting insight the model provides. The other important factor relates to a phenomenon called the lunar mantle overturn. Simply put, this is the idea that mantle material, the thick interlayer between the thin crust and outer core, has moved around quite a bit.

Some items, incl Iron-rich material, it could have ascended from the core-mantle boundary to the surface, and ending with the igneous rocks that now make up the lunar crust. At the same time, parts of the crust that were denser than others sank through the mantle into the moon’s core.

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Understanding the moon’s internal properties today gives us insight into its past.. Scientists believe that the Moon has a very strong magnetic field, about 100 times stronger than Earth’s.

This is produced by the kernel. The magnetic field is now almost non-existent. Discovering what the moon looks like from the inside tells us why it might be that way, and also what happened billions of years ago.

“Our results call into question the evolution of the Moon’s magnetic field thanks to their demonstration of the presence of the inner core and support a global mantle reversal scenario that provides substantial information about the timeline of lunar bombardment in the first billion years of the system,” the authors wrote in the study.

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