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Run out of official support

Run out of official support

If you have one of these six Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, you also have a new problem.

Samsung is ending support for some of its longest-lived affordable Galaxy devices.

Although Samsung does a commendable job with after-sales support and updates for its Galaxy devices, the fact is that Now it’s the South Korean giant’s turn to retire some of its longest-lived and most affordable essential phones and tabletsofficially declaring a cease and desist 6 stations all launched in 2019 And intended for the middle and low ranges of the catalog.

It’s not something that should surprise us, actually, because despite the fact that it is Samsung announced the best support for the entire Android platform Last year I promised no less than 4 Major updates And 5 years of security updates for your devices, the truth is These phones and tablets are older and they were only 4 years old Committed support.

Is this then The age given to them by the Seoul-based giant to its users, despite what our colleague pointed out GizmoChina It is likely that Samsung will still prepare some security packages for Fix very critical vulnerabilities that may arise In the future on any of the following six Galaxy stations:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A10 phone
  2. Samsung Galaxy A20
  3. Samsung Galaxy A40
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen

Devices will obviously continue to function as normal so you can rest easy, but only a little bit because the lack of security patches will leave you vulnerable in an increasingly insecure internet… A good reason to change?

As users have noticed, they already have the Galaxy A10 and Galaxy A40 March 2023 security patch and they will be installed there Looking ahead, because Samsung will no longer be preparing periodic update packages. for his part, Galaxy A20 continues to maintain the December 2023 updateso you are likely to receive in your case finally to update from security.

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Obviously, those of you who have the hardware Doesn’t mean you have to get rid of itGood They will continue to function normally, albeit in an unsafe way. By not installing the security patches that Google publishes every month and that manufacturers apply for 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the ranges and models.

Of course all of these models They are already 4 years old and they don’t have 5G connectivityTherefore, in addition to being affordable, its performance will definitely not be the same as when it was purchased and Perhaps you are faced with a more compelling reason to changeNow yes, for a new mobile phone or tablet with a lot of updated technology.