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The Spanish Embassy in Cuba will add more resources to repeal the ban on handing over citizenship through the “Descendants Law”

The Spanish Embassy in Cuba will add more resources to repeal the ban on handing over citizenship through the “Descendants Law”

Faster since February! The Embassy and Consulate General of Spain in Cuba have informed the Council of Spanish Residents that they will strengthen material and human resources to speed up the processing of citizenship applications under the Law of Democratic Memory or the “Descendants Law” as it is known. .

according to mentioned Spain Abroad, Chairman of the Commission on Civil Rights and Participation of the General Council of Spanish Citizenship Abroad (CGCEE), David Casarejos, in his profile on the diplomatic representatives of the Social Network and the Cuban CRE, where the planned actions were announced.

Among these projects is the construction of a new building that includes four offices dedicated to the various stages of the citizenship process, which will be operational in February. The number of workers doing this task on the island will also increase.

Casarejos explained that the delay in processing was partly due to the consulate's difficulties in accessing information and manual data entry into the database, which led to errors.

Procedures of the Spanish Embassy in Cuba to speed up procedures

In addition, Casarejos revealed other measures that will benefit the descendants of Spaniards in Cuba or those who need to carry out procedures on the island, as the opening of a new consulate in Camagüey, with a dedicated headquarters, was announced, although the opening date has not been set.

It may take a few months for it to become available to the public, although this will benefit the many descendants of Spaniards residing in eastern and central Cuba.

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The possibility of obtaining Spanish citizenship is preserved through the Law of Democratic Memory (LMD), known as the “Law of Descendants” until October 21, 2024, although the Government of Spain could extend it for another year, until October 21, 2025. It has not yet been confirmed. .

A recurring theme among users of the Spanish Consulate in Havana is the difficulties in processing citizenship through the Democratic Memory Law. One of the major hurdles is Minrex's slowness in legalizing the necessary documents, which can take up to 9 months.

Another request of the Cuban community is to be able to submit documents to the honorary vice consulates in Santa Clara, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba. They believe that this will speed up the process and avoid unnecessary travel.

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