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The role of hugs in people's emotional well-being, according to science

The role of hugs in people's emotional well-being, according to science

the Hugs It is gestures of love that create a strong emotional bond between people, as this gesture causes our body to release oxytocin, a hormone that creates a feeling of happiness and reduces stress.

A hug can comfort us, make us feel safe and calm, but it can also give us so much more Emotional, mental and physical benefits.

The answer has to do with our Sense of touchBecause this is too powerful for our mind. So, when our skin receives a hug, it sends signals to the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions and triggers a series of signals Neurological signsSecreting hormones that help us reduce stress and feel well-being.

This is what science says about the benefits of hugs

according to European Institute of Positive Psychology (IEPP)Hugging is a gesture practiced from the first year of life, which biologically secretes hormones such as Oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins During physical contact.

Hugs are basically effective Physical and mental development For both infants and children. In fact, some of the benefits of breastfeeding are related to the close and deep contact between mother and baby during feeding.

According to the same study, this type of physical contact It improves marital and family relationships, combats insomnia, reduces stress, increases self-esteem, stimulates neuronal growth and survival and can prevent and reduce diseases..

Some studies have shown that hugging not only improves quality of life, but also prolongs life, stimulates the senses, and helps control appetite.

Likewise, the lack of this condition can lead to negative habits such as excessive and uncontrolled eating, smoking or consuming too much alcohol.

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