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The request was a farce manipulated by the system

The request was a farce manipulated by the system

National Leader of the CausaR Party, Andres VelasquezHe spoke about the electoral scene before the presidential elections, highlighting that “none of the candidates who were nominated represents the spirit of October 22 of last year, the primaries that defined unity.”


“Maduro cannot expect the world to recognize an election that is not,” Velazquez noted. We will continue to defend the right to participate in a credible electoral process. “The nomination was a farce manipulated by the system.”

“Nicolas Maduro cannot impose on us a candidate he likes in this electoral process on July 28 (…) People are willing to participate in a process that they can choose,” he said.

As for the politician, “this reservation about the right of acceptance that they are trying to impose on us cannot be accepted.” We want to assure you that the steps we are taking with PUD will continue. We appreciate the governments' statements.”

Regarding nomination Edmundo Gonzalez “I'm sure that if we decide to keep him there, they will take everything and his card,” he explained. PUD party meets. “The electoral issue created a division in the Democratic Union Party.”

About nomination Manuel Rosales He called for “explain what you have to explain (…) Our battle now is the struggle for the registration of Corinna Uris and there is time for her with the registered cover.”

Regarding the recent arrest of oscar alejandro, He described the influencer’s case as “extremely serious and speaks for itself about the nature of this oppressive regime.” Hence, we are launching a distress campaign for the freedom of political prisoners.”

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