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The remains of brothers who died during a fire in Uruguay arrive in Cuba

The remains of brothers who died during a fire in Uruguay arrive in Cuba

The remains of the two Cuban brothers who died in a fire in Uruguay at the end of July arrived in Cuba this Tuesday.

mortal remains Eduardo and Brian Cruz Perez They watch themselves during the early hours of Wednesday after being flown in from Uruguay, after a Long family fight To bring their bodies back to their homeland.

Facebook Capture / Diane Rodriguez

“We will always carry their family and friends in our hearts for being good boys and having a very good education and principles. For this and many other things, all those who can wear their shirts, out of respect for their families and for them, farewell to this world, let us wear our shirts tomorrow,” books man on social media

The man started selling t-shirts to raise money that will be used to return the bodies of Eduardo and Brian Cruz Perez, aged 21 and 23, respectively.

Facebook screenshot/Damichelys Lopez

Heartbreaking message Goodbye, he thanked his family for the cooperation of everyone who contributed to the return of the boys’ bodies.

“I want to give you a big thank you. To everyone who cooperated and made this miracle possible by taking their mother’s corpse to Cuba for her last farewell. Today the corpses are arriving in Cuba. This would not have been possible. Without the help of all of you. It doesn’t matter if you support us with one dollar or 500 dollars or just a mere ” share “to reach more people”, they wrote their families.

Facebook Capture / Daemi Morales

young man He died on July 17th In the home they share in Uruguay, after a wood stove caught fire while they were sleeping, according to a firefighter’s report.

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Firefighters found their bodies shortly before 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 17, after arriving at the scene, a masonry home built with a lightweight roof, located 37 km from Route 75 and Camino Erosa.