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The relationship between the bank and the Salvador Assembly has deteriorated

The relationship between the bank and the Salvador Assembly has deteriorated

San Salvador, El Salvador.- The relationship between the private sector and the government deteriorated Want to see here It has now been extended to the Constituent Assembly, where the current president maintains complete control.

That was two days ago Salvador Bank Association (ABANSA), the organization that unites the financial sector, has issued an invitation to the Chairman of the Financial Affairs Commission, Gonzalez Rouda in Tania Abigail, Set up a work meeting and the response can not be bad.

In fact, ABANSA sent a note to Gonzalez Rouda on August 19 in which they explained, “The Board of Directors of Abansa, which consists of 11 private banks in the country, invites you and three other representatives of the Commission for the Consideration of Breakfast.” The purpose is to talk about topics. “

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The memorandum states that the commitment of all sectors is essential for economic growth and the well-being of the people, which is why we consider the conversation with you to be more important in promoting greater fundraising in El Salvador.

However, the call from the financial system revealed the MP’s harsh response on social media, which further heightened the level of conflict.

“I want it to be very clear El Salvador Legislature It is no longer corporate, it is now a citizen. ”

“I do not have to go to breakfast with the banks. I am responsible for the financial justice of this country and I am committed to being a transparent legislator,” he stressed.

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He concluded: Abansa, I’m in front of calls, cameras and my boss (the people of Salvador), you are already on the agenda of the Finance Commission, do not make laws that suit you, wait for the call “

The government of President Buckell is in the eye of the hurricane by first exposing anti-democratic attitudes Discount from Assembly To the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court and to the Attorney General. All were replaced by supporters of the ruler.

That decision caused a stir in the international community and the United States has succeeded in punishing some of the president’s closest associates.