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The reason why Bad Bunny was so criticized by PETA

The reason why Bad Bunny was so criticized by PETA

Bad Bunny sparked controversy after appearing at his first show of his new tour riding a horse. Credits: X/@@AccessBadBunny

The start of Bad Bunny's “Most Wanted” tour sparked controversy due to the way the Puerto Rican rapper showed up on the first night of the tour in Salt Lake City, Utah. Under the theme of the Old West, Bad Bunny surprised the audience by entering the stage on horseback, an act that sparked criticism on social networks, with accusations of animal abuse.

Users on social media expressed their dissatisfaction, describing the use of a horse in a noisy environment full of dazzling lights as an act of cruelty. The anger has reached such a point that many users have begun requesting the intervention of animal rights organization PETA, urging it to take action on the issue.

It didn't take long Lisa langSenior Vice President of PETA USA, will speak on this matter, noting that horses are not creatures that should be in a chaotic, noisy environment like a concert.

Lisa Lang, vice president of PETA in the United States, emphasized that horses “are not tools that can be ridden on stage in bright lights.”

“Horses are very skittish, and They are not accessories that are placed on stage among the bright lightsBooming music and loud crowds. Since they get scared easily, this could have ended in tragedy, all because of a silly and reckless trick. Newsweek.

Of course, there was also a sector of Bad Bunny's fan base that championed his entry, even calling him “legendary” and “revolutionary.”

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So far, the musician has not made any statement about his scandalous debut in Utah.

In the past two years, Bad bunny He faced a lot of criticism from his fans. One of his most scandalous moments was when he threw a fan's cell phone dominican republicWhen I tried to take a selfie.

Bad Bunny got angry at a fan and threw his phone on the floor

Amid comments that claimed that Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio (real name of Bad Bunny) has become a “diva” and that he does not respect his fans, the musician decided to share a tweet clarifying that he has no problem sharing a conversation with his fans. Fans in the street, but the idea of ​​calling him on a cell phone, he saw as a real disrespect.

“A person who approaches me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to get to know me will always have my attention and respect.”. Those who come to put the damn phone in my face will take it for what it is, disrespectful and I will treat it the same way.Bad Bunny wrote.

Recently, translator beautiful eyes He once again caused controversies among his fans when an AI-made song used his voice. Via his WhatsApp channel, Bad Bunny showed his annoyance and emphasized that those who enjoyed and/or shared this song cannot be considered his followers.

The Puerto Rican artist showed his anger over the song that was created using artificial intelligence tools – Credit @Indie5051/X

“There are people I connect with and people I don't. If you like that bad song that's going viral on TikTok, get out of this group now. You don't deserve to be my friends That's why I made the new album to get rid of these people. So, Chu Chu, get out.

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These statements led his fans, professional media, and even other artists to consider the reaction of Puerto Ricans to be exaggerated.