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La luz de aceite en el tablero se enciende cuando algo no anda bien.

The oil light on the dashboard lights up: the five things you should check

Warning lights on the car’s dashboard help us tell if something is wrong with one of the car’s systems and are the first warning to fix what’s damaged.

Several lamps with different warnings can illuminate on the dashboard, but the oil light is one of the most important and all necessary attention should be paid to it. this light It tells us when the oil pressure is incorrect. If the engine does not have the necessary pressure, the lack of lubrication will damage the metals inside due to friction, causing the car to stop completely.

OnceTurn on the oil light on the dashboard, you must know what to do and what not to do. This can save or spoil the life of your engine.

For this, Here are five things to check if the oil light is on your car’s dashboard.

1.- Do not drive while the oil lamp is on

The best thing to do is to stop the car and not drive it with low oil pressure, otherwise you risk ruining your engine. When you see this light, you should seek help from a professional and fix the possible error.

2.- Engine oil pump

If you have already checked your car’s oil level and the sensor is working as it should, the next reason for the low oil pressure light is that there is low oil pressure in the oil pump.

To get to the oil pump, you must open the crankcase, so it is better to have a mechanic check it and change it if necessary.

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3.- Oil level

When the amount of oil in the engine is low, the lubricating oil pressure drops, which is not good for the health of your car’s engine. It is important to check the engine oil periodically and doing this is really easy.

If it’s too low, it’s time to fill it in with the type of oil recommended for your engine. You can find out what type of oil is best for your car in your owner’s manual.

4.- Defective sensor

When the oil pressure lamp lights up, this is not always a sign of disaster. This light often comes on when the sensor needs to be replaced, which is an easy and affordable task.

5. – The difference between the oil light and the required maintenance reminder

Vehicles have a way to remind you when you need to Perform maintenance service. A light or message may appear on the dashboard to let you know that it’s time to change the oil.

However, this is not much different from an oil pressure light, this light is like a genie lamp with a drop on the end, but on some models it is a red light that says OIL. Any red warning light your vehicle displays indicates that your vehicle needs servicing ASAP.


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