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The Minister of Science inaugurated the 2022 academic year at ULagos

Through various commitments to detailed work with the university, the regional government and the ministry, the authority has given the opportunity to go into this new academic year.

Promoting economic, sustainable and environmental development, outreach to public universities in the region and support for initiatives emanating from the regions themselves with regard to regional government, were part of the conclusions that were satisfactorily commented on by Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Flavio Salazar On his first visit to Los Lagos as Secretary of State.

It was precisely the University of Los Lagos that invited him to open the 2022 academic year at the Enrique Valdes Hall where the Minister presented his vision regarding the role of public universities in regional development.

The challenge that we have presented and that we have discussed with the regional authorities and with the regional public universities relates not only to innovation and the challenges of the productive sector, but also to the challenges faced by the society in the region, the population and society in relation to the issues that have to do with their development, which require more complexity in the productive sector, but also require Addressing environmental issues, the inevitable climate change, and I think there is a commitment on the part of the University of Los Lagos, of the regional government, along with the ministry today to express ourselves and create big projects designed from the region“, Keep Minister Salazar.


We are very satisfied and make a very positive assessment of being able to count on the visit of the Minister, and all the regional authorities, from having a complete scaffolding for regional policy, with an unequivocal approach where the role of public universities in the new context of science and technology development in the region implies greater commitment than commitment which we already assume. There is a high evaluation of the work that academics can do in the service of the Territoryā€¯pointed to President of the University of Olgos, Oscar Garrido.

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After the minister’s speech Regional Governor, Patricio Valspain He addressed the attendees, highlighting the Minister’s approach and approach regarding listening to the regions and making himself available to generate solutions and proposals for local demands. Vallespin highlighted this expression which is now being formed between the provincial government, the public university and the Ministry of Science in order to carry out the various actions which are considered important and necessary.

The opening ceremony of the school year was also attended by the presidential delegate of the Osorno Territory, Claudia Belaliev, university advisers, directors of departments, academics, as well as students of various professions.

At the end of the day, Minister Salazar met in frank and relaxed dialogue with researchers from the university, an activity moderated by the university’s vice president for research, Patrick Puigmal.

During the morning, the minister visited the facilities of the university’s i-mar research center in Puerto Montt, spoke with researchers and pledged his support for increasing resources in science and technology.