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State Center for Forensic Sciences building operations begin |  Mexicali News

State Center for Forensic Sciences building operations begin | Mexicali News

Since February, the functions of the State Center for Forensic Sciences have been launched, the new building located between the Courts of the Judicial Power of the Federation and the Office of the State Prosecutor, on the Río Nuevo Road, in Mexicali.

Much of the equipment for this center comes from donations from the United States Embassy and Consulate in Mexico.with whom they have had a cooperation agreement since 2015 and toured the facilities.

Carla Vanessa Koc Barra, director general of the State Center for Forensic Sciences, stated that they currently employ 239 specialists, but are looking for other specialists in forensic archaeology and anthropology.

confirmed it The center is 100% working.Despite the lack of air conditioning equipment, since analyzes and expert opinions are already carried out in their laboratories.

The director of the center added that through the United States Consulate, they have administered quality certification in the regions and laboratories, and they are currently accredited in field criminology, land traffic, topography, questionable documents, forensic ballistics, and laparoscopy, and are currently working in forensic genetics academic accreditation .

Kujo Bara explained that due to the increase in crime in the state, there will always be a need for more individuals in the various fields of forensics.

The State Center for Forensic Sciences is receiving a donation of a fine scale for forensic genetics and database equipment for laparoscopy, as well as voice biometrics.

With the opening of this center, the expert services area, as well as the laboratory for the preservation of evidence, are assembled.

The Baja California laboratories, along with similar laboratories in Chihuahua and Guanajuato, are the three states with the highest number of accreditations for implementing good practices in developing evidence-handling processes that enhance criminal investigation and court case resolution.

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