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The meeting between LeBron James and Vinicius is unforgettable

The meeting between LeBron James and Vinicius is unforgettable

United State It has always been an attractive destination for end-of-year holidays, especially for its fans NBA. the reason? The most admired basketball league on the planet clings to “Christmas Day“to view the entire procedure Christmaswith the mitigating factor that in 2023 there is an incredible meeting between LeBron James And Vinicius.

Although it is an old tradition, recently more and more footballers are traveling there north america To watch the Orange Ball event live. Not only is it a sporting attraction, but the spectacle that surrounds each game generates a lot of admiration from the stars of other disciplines.

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Without going any further, in the last hours there was a meeting that traveled the world because of the warmth with which they treated each other. Vinicius And Camavinga They fully recover from their injuries and decide to pack their bags to travel to the North American country, where they spent Christmas Eve but also enjoyed other typical activities of the place.

This Monday Los Angeles Lakers And Boston Celtics They provided an attractive challenge, although one of the biggest highlights was the end of the match. Although the maximum numbers were previously Jayson Tatum And LeBron JamesTwo more joined unexpectedly: the Brazilian and the French who are active in it real madrid.

Accordingly, the Crypto.com Square It was a stage that already had the necessary ingredients to be attractive, but it added another stage with the merengue stars, who were present in the NBA Classics.

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The Brazilian is on vacation in the United States and took the opportunity to see the NBA star

Los Angeles Lakers They did not miss the visit of the South American-born star and published a picture of him on social media sites Vinicius Junior He comes out with a team jersey bearing his name and his usual number seven as a number.

It is worth noting that this was not the only contact they had with sports. In the case of the European, he was actually seen in one of the matches NFL between Los Angeles Rams against New Orleans Saints. While the Brazilian witnessed the duel between Oklahoma City Thunder And Los Angeles Clippers.

Christmas Day tradition

Without activity in a large part of the sport, the NBA decided to be the exception and prove an attractive day with it Santa Clause background. Although for the pros some consider it a real sacrilege, the truth is that players consider it a compliment to play on this date because the league selects the best historical teams and franchises to be entertainers on such a special day.

This tradition originated in 1947, when the first Christmas Day fell. at that time, BBA (American Basketball Association) It had eight affiliated teams and six of them played on December 25, with three games leading up to the date that became usual.

Due to the success of this opportunity, it was repeated almost without interruption. The only time it was not played was in 1998, when the league was in a lockout that delayed the start of the season until February 5 of the following year.

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Results on Monday, December 25th

  • New York Knicks 129 – 122 Milwaukee Bucks
  • Denver Nuggets 120 – 114 Golden State Warriors
  • Los Angeles Lakers 115 – 126 Boston Celtics
  • Miami Heat 119-113 Philadelphia 76ers
  • Phoenix Suns 114-128 Dallas Mavericks