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The keys fans found to discover who Taylor Swift dedicated her recent premiere of, “You’re Losing Me.”

The keys fans found to discover who Taylor Swift dedicated her recent premiere of, “You’re Losing Me.”

Taylor Swift just released the track “You’re Losing Me” on digital platforms, unleashing a slew of theories from fans

To celebrate being the most streamed artist of 2023 on Spotify, Taylor Swift Finally he released the song You’re losing mewhich appeared exclusively in the physical form of the album midnight Last May. As expected, the song was already a huge hit, but it also sparked a lot of speculation about what inspired Taylor to write this piece, as all signs point to the truth of that. You’re losing me She wrote to her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

What sparked these rumors in the first place was a new post by Jack Antonoffa musician and producer who co-wrote and produced most of the album with Swift midnightIn addition to being a frequent collaborator with Swift since 2013. Antonov shared on his networks that the song was written on December 5, 2021, shortly after Taylor ate all the raisins that were on the table in the photo that the musician shared on the networks. .

Frequent Taylor Swift collaborator Jack Antonoff revealed that “You’re Losing Me” was recorded in December 2021, which unleashed all kinds of theories about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship.

“AndYou’re losing me Released today! A very special clip from The Midnight Sessions finally arrives on streaming platforms! “Written and recorded at home on 5/12/21 right after Taylor ate these raisins,” Jack wrote alongside the photo in which Taylor is seen in the kitchen with a brown jacket, a bottle of wine and a handful of raisins on the table. . The revelation of when the song was written led the singer’s fans to begin speculating that there was love between Taylor and Joe He had been cracking up long before his March 2023 breakup was confirmed.

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You’re losing mewhich translates into Spanish as ““You’re losing me”It is a piece that talks about how a relationship that at that time filled both parties with happiness, no longer produces only sadness and loneliness. Alwyn and Swift have been dating since 2016, and it’s likely that after five years of dating, things started to cool down, so much so that Taylor found the inspiration to write one of her saddest pieces yet.

Every morning I look at you with storms in my eyes/How can you say you love someone who you can’t tell is dying?/I sent you signals and bit my nails deep/My face was grey, but you didn’t admit we were sick/And the air is thick with loss and hesitation/I know my pain Force / Now, you’re running down the hall / And you know what everyone’s saying / You don’t even know what you’ve got / You’re losing it / Stop, you’re losing meTaylor Swift sings You’re losing me.


As the recording date of this song was revealed, fans also began to connect the dots to what Taylor was experiencing at the time. In 2021, the 12-time award winner Grammy seem Re-recording his music catalog with the aim of preserving the rights to his work. The first albums to receive a “Taylor Edition” were fearless And networkRepeating and even surpassing the success of its original releases. Apparently, while Taylor was struggling to own her music, her relationship with Alwyn was falling apart, which many of the ‘Fast’ saw with great regret, arguing that Taylor’s path to success and self-fulfillment was completely alone.

When Taylor Swift received the Grammy Award for Best Album of 2021, she admitted that all of her music was written and dedicated to Joe Alwyn CBS/Submitted via Reuters

It is worth noting that in mid-2021, when Taylor received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year for her famous album folkloreShe admitted that all the music she was writing at the time was written and dedicated to her lover, Joe Alwyn.

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He’s the first person I play every song I write for and I’ve had a great time writing songs for you during quarantine“, announced the 33-year-old performer who now seems very happy with her new partner, Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce.