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Leo Messi y Neymar en un partido del Barça en pretemporada

the great explosion! Neymar wants to return to Barcelona and accepts his new salary cut

A major process, but difficult to define. Joan Laporta wants Neymar JR back to F.C.B, But he does not find the economic formula to achieve this. It is a rather complicated process because you have to pay a large amount, because at this time The Brazilian earns 70 million euros in ParisThen the transfer price for Paris Saint-Germain, a club that has historically refused to sell any player to Barcelona. The menu is extensive, they tried it Thiago Silva, Marquinus, Ferrati, Di Maria and Neymar himself on several occasions. The answer was always the same: “No.”

If Laporta manages to finish signing, it will be a circular process. On the one hand, he will sign one of the best soccer players in the world who is in a position to win this year Champions League. His participation in the match against Bayern Munich was amazing. Then there is the side effect: For signing Neymar, that would be one of Saleh’s strongest arguments Lionel Messi Decide to renew your contract with Barcelona. Messi already knows the president is trying. It remains only to see how the pieces move to close the process, because it was last summer Bartomeu also told him he was tryingIn the end, he did not succeed.

Multiple negotiations

Neymar appears that he wants to return to the Camp Nou. Your desire is not limited to a declaration of intent however He is willing to drastically reduce his income by wearing the Barcelona shirt again. If at first it had already taken a step forward in this regard, now a second downgrade has occurred. However, there is a factor of concern Meanwhile, it appears to be negotiating a renewal with PSG. Various sources confirm that there is indeed an agreement between the two parties, but this has not been made official. While this is confirmed, Barcelona continues to move their chips to try to get it back. From the club they show great wisdom in making assessments, they do not lose hope but are aware of the difficulties involved in carrying out this process.

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It is no secret that Barcelona’s sports management is working on signing a great deal next summer. Neymar and Haaland are the options on the table. The problem they find With the Norwegian striker is that there are no potential opponents there. Raiola, the player’s agent, knows full well that it is the perfect moment to end the transfer and he will not concede anything. As well as that, Lotaro Martinez It’s also another name that’s on Barcelona’s radar. Sergio “kun” Aguero could also arriveHowever, nothing should be canceled for his transfer as his contract with Manchester City expires and will not be renewed.

Study capital

The audit issue remains to be resolved, and it is a key aspect of figuring out what capital Barcelona may have to sign. Still directing Barcelona has no consequence to this topic. There are some who are speculating that the club’s economic situation could be worse than expected. If so, of course the transfer budget would be reduced. Meanwhile, this is where sales come into play. Many players will be brought into the market in order to have income that allows seed companies to be funded. Pjanic, Coutinho, and Umtiti had many chips in the beginningBut the list may not end there.