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The fire in Sweetwater, Miami, has affected many Cuban families

The fire in Sweetwater, Miami, has affected many Cuban families

In the early hours of this Sunday morning, a fire broke out at four homes in Sweetwater, Miami, South Florida, where authorities had to evacuate neighboring homes. Some of the victims were of Cuban descent, according to a report by the US Hispanic Network. Telemundo 51.

According to Miami firefighters who attended the incident, the fire was caused by a short circuit in an electrical cable that had previously given problems. Also the wind spread the fire inside the houses causing material damage to the public.

One of the victims, Cuban-born Denis Hernandez, said he woke up at 4:22 a.m. to the sound of knocking on the door and shouts of alarm. “Fire, fire, they were little flames, but the wind blew them,” he said.

Another neighbor, Rene, said his son woke him up when he saw the fire in the back of his house. Another family saved their lives with their dog, crying non-stop until they saw the fire.

Nighttime fire in Miami affects Cuban families

Located at the intersection of Southwest 113th Avenue and 7th Terrace, firefighters and police arrived at the scene and helped remove victims from their homes, many of which were engulfed in flames.

Denise Hernandez regretted not being able to get her cars out because the police told her she didn’t have time. Another of the victims, Yadiana Rios, expressed her frustration at losing her belongings as she had recently moved and kept her belongings in one of the burnt houses.

This is not the first time that cable has been cut. Something like this had to happen and I was the one who lost things, moved and kept my things there,” he argued.

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Despite the scale of the incident, there were no injuries or fatalities. Neighbors hope that power will be restored and support will be provided to recover from the tragedy.