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The Faculty of Sports Sciences of Granada is in the top ten in Europe in the Shanghai ranking

The Faculty of Sports Sciences of Granada is in the top ten in Europe in the Shanghai ranking

The Shanghai Classification recently announced the list of major universities and research institutes worldwide in the field of Sport Sciences, a classification in which the University of Granada (UGR) obtained He managed to improve four places compared to 2022 (18th place) in the world, as it rose to 14th place in this edition, preceded only by the University of Extremadura, which advanced one place above (13th). Therefore, for the first time, it is among the top 15 global centers specialized in research on this topic. At the European level, UGR ranks ninth.

UGR appeared in the first edition of this ranking in 2016 at number 34. In this way, The international standing of the Faculty of Sports Sciences From Granada keeps getting stronger, It is characterized by a high level of research, as evidenced by this Shanghai Ranking, which is one of the main tools and reference element for evaluating universities at the international level.

There are a total of 20 universities in Spain in this classification. In addition to the UGR itself and the University of Extremadura, the universities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the European University of Madrid stand out, which are among the top 50 universities in the world.

The University of Murcia is among the top 100 while the rest of the universities are between positions 101-150 (Region Autonomous Madrid, Politecnico de Madrid, Girona, Zaragoza); 151-200 (Camilo José Sela, King Juan Carlos, Cádiz, Basque Country). Smoothly and between positions 201-300 (Miguel Hernandez, Lyon, Pablo de Olavide, Castilla-La Mancha, Sevilla, Valencia and Vigo).

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In first place of the ranking appears the Australian Deakin University.

The Dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences, Belén Ferrès Fernández Castanes, also explains the research in the field of sports sciences in Spain He is in a great position Despite the difficulties researchers face in accessing funding applications specific to their area rather than related fields.

“In addition, its scientific quality is notable based on the number of articles published in journals ranked in the first quartile of its category, rising, in this indicator, to fifth place in Europe and first place nationally. “There is no doubt that the motivation,” says the dean. “Combined with the ability to work and optimize the resources of research groups, it is what allows us to get closer and closer to the top ten in this recognized ranking.”

About the ranking

In 2016, the Shanghai Ranking presented for the first time its global ranking of schools and sports science departments, which uses an exclusive methodology to evaluate the performance of more than 300 universities with sports-related units.

This approach allows sports institutions and units to compare themselves with similar peers, and not with interdisciplinary universities in general. Selection of the top 300 universities It is based on evaluating factors such as publications, citations, and citations per publication, as well as presence in 25% of journals and international collaborations.

Bibliometric information comes from the Web of Science database, taking into account a five-year time period. Of the total institutions included in the 2020 list, 15 are sports-specialized universities, while 285 are universities with sports-related units. In addition, it should be noted that 42 universities have more than one institution or unit related to the sports field.

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