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The Faculty of Sport Sciences of the UGR has inaugurated a plaque dedicated to the Paralympic athlete from Granada Manuel Martin

The athlete from Pórtugos, Granada, won two bronze medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.

writing | January 20, 2023

Manolo Martin at the Beijing Paralympics (MIKAEL HELSING)

The Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Granada has inaugurated a committee in honor of Paralympic athlete Manuel Martin from Granada. The application ceremony takes place on Friday, January 20, at 1:30 pm, in the College’s Plaza del Olimpismo. Participating in the event are, among other authorities, the Vice-Chancellor for Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability, Margarita Sanchez Romero; Director of the Integration Secretariat, José Luis Cabezas Casado; As well as those responsible for the ASPACE association and its sports club, with which the winner has been associated for a long time.

Manuel Martín has competed in three Paralympic Games, in the Boccia Method. The athlete from Portugues (Granada) won two bronze medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.

The purpose of this initiative is to transfer the values ​​imparted by sport from the UGR and faculty to the community. Each month, the College of Sport Sciences discovers a plaque that points to a sporting professional associated with a great value.

On the other hand, the Library of Sports Sciences has prepared a representative sample of the legacy of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the Olympic Games in modern times, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of his birth.