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The Explora Science Center will feature a digital theater

The Explora Science Center will feature a digital theater

Lyon, J.T.O. More than 3,500 Leonians enjoyed the solar eclipse at Explora Science Center.

Jorge Jiménez Luna, Interim Mayor, accompanied by Governor Diego Sinho Rodríguez Vallejo and Explora Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jorge Carlos Obregón Serrano, met with Leonian families to be part of the astronomical phenomenon that will be repeated in March 2052.

In Lyon, 86% of the total eclipse was visible, reaching its peak at 12:13pm on Monday 8 April.

Previously, the city mayor told those present that they would have the opportunity to attend a live science class, which is why he encouraged them to take all adequate preventive measures to visualize this phenomenon.

He commented, saying: “Today we will witness a natural phenomenon that occurred 33 years ago (…) Enjoy this event because it will be recorded in history and I am sure that it will remain in your memory for all the years.”

Guanajuato State Governor Diego Cinho Rodriguez praised the efforts made by the Science Center to create safe spaces that allow citizens to participate in events of this kind.

“Living these moments is important for them to record in history, today we have the Explora Science Center which gives us the opportunity to continue to live the moments in a special way, safely, with a wonderful family atmosphere and this is what I want to highlight again.

It was announced during the event that a new digital theater equipped with advanced technology will debut in May, which will replace the Imax screen.

During the eclipse, there were also workshops on the rocket ship, the solar rotor, an educational game, the stages of the solar eclipse, vicarious viewing, garden games and science demonstrations.

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In addition, a safe observation space was provided with telescopes and a giant screen was placed with live transmission from the places where the astronomical phenomenon can be seen 100 percent.