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The European Union ambassador announces that they are preparing sanctions “against those responsible for the coup attempt” in Guatemala

The European Union ambassador announces that they are preparing sanctions “against those responsible for the coup attempt” in Guatemala

Thomas BakerAmbassador European Union in Guatemalaspoke on December 10 about Political crisis Which passes through the Central American country.

Baker noted that European Union they “– Preparation of sanctions within the framework of restrictive measures directed against those responsible for the coup attempt in Guatemala“.

pronunciation Baker On his account X, formerly Twitter, he subsequently registered Public Ministry authorities A. will be presented investigation Where they suggest it General elections must be cancelled.

On Friday, December 8, President Office of the Special Prosecutor to Combat Impunity (Feci), Rafael Corochici, pointed this out for one Citizen complaint Investigations began related to the electoral process And they found Signs of alleged violations.

Curruchiche indicated that they found Contradictions With the Voting results And the minutes that They were kidnapped By the Public Ministry during Raid on the offices of the Supreme Electoral Court.

He pointed out that there were violations Computer system usedAnd also in action Processing the resultswhere he indicated that in his opinion The general election will not be valid.

As he did Expansion of signs Against the party Seed movement Its members are against Who asked for more requests to withdraw the trial And it was requested Arrest orders.

During the conference, Public Ministry authorities He indicated that with the investigation They do not seek to change the election results; However, they asked for it It is invalidated.

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Public Prosecution work Cause rejection By sectors of Guatemalan civil society, Commercial, economic, academic, student and indigenouswho described it as an attemptcoup“.

Besides the The international community He has issued statements since then Organization of American States (OAS), United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Which he refers to Public Ministry to commit acts that “Undermining democracyWhich leads the country tocoup“.

the Organization of American States We will know for the seventh time The situation in Guatemala to look into Actions to be taken; Meanwhile, other diplomats pointed this out Sanctions may be issued soonBecause of his actions Public Ministry And other political actors.