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The DT who exposed Lloris and Dávinson, fired: a temporary catastrophe

The DT who exposed Lloris and Dávinson, fired: a temporary catastrophe

Premier League

Temporary replacement Antonio Conte was so bad he was sacked from Tottenham.

Newcastle vs Tottenham
picture: Lindsey Barnaby/AFP

Spurs come from humiliation to humiliation and the owner is tired of sticking around. That is why he made a drastic decision.

Interim coach Christian Stellini, who took over after the sacking of Antonio Conte, was also sacked after the 6-1 draw the team suffered during his visit to Newcastle. But it wasn’t the only thing

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Colombians abroad

I conceded 11 goals in 4 matches, which is a really unsustainable rate.

Tottenham’s chief coach Daniel Levy confirmed this: “Christian will be leaving his current role with his coaching staff. Christian stepped in at a difficult time in our season and I want to thank him for the professional manner in which he handled his coaching staff during such a difficult time. We wish him and his staff well. He will take over.” Ryan Mason’s key coaching duties are effective immediately. Ryan knows the club and the players very well. We’ll update more on his coaching staff in due course.” Ryan will appear this Thursday against Manchester United, no less.

It’s all very political but the truth is that Stellini was worse than Conte, exposing two important players, one perhaps more than the other. This weekend, at St James’ Park, the manager came up with the idea to replace Hugo Lloris, who conceded the first five goals, in the first half. Although there was speculation about a physical problem, the world champion didn’t really have anything to do with it, except for a win penalty.

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Messing with a reference would have been the last straw, and that was already bad with addressing the case of Davinson Sanchez, who sacrificed him in the defeat at Bournemouth by coming on in the 36th minute and being substituted in the 59th because of an apparent marking error.

Lloris has publicly questioned this decision and said he had never seen his fans react in such a deplorable way. Did Stellini charge you? As it would have been, now they charged him.