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The day the CIA tried to assassinate Raul Castro |  International |  News

The day the CIA tried to assassinate Raul Castro | International | News

New documents are coming to light at the end of the era of Castro Roose’s brother.

The VIII Congress of the Communist Party of China (BCCI) in Cuba takes place from Friday to Monday, marking the end Raul Castro As the first secretary of the party (the highest authority in the country).

Raul and Fidel Castro Roose (Died 2016) has ruled Cuba since 1959 and is controlled by the BBC.

Thus, both were unsuccessful and were the targets of various attempts to remove them from power.

The CIA’s first attempt to assassinate Raul Castro dates back to 1960, when an agent offered to “plan an crash” the pilot who took him to Prague for $ 10,000, according to documents released Friday by the Washington-based National Security Archive. AFP

The plan was to pay a fee to Cuban pilot Jose Raஸl Martinez so that he could “risk the risk of planning an accident” on a return flight from Prague.

William J. with the CIA in Cuba. Martinez was informed of the mission when Murray arrived at the airport.

In the conversation they discussed “limited possibilities for an accident by accident” and doubts about the technical competence of the agent involved in the accident “without endangering the lives of all people on board”.

Murray admitted that the pilot, who had already worked for the CIA, “tried to ensure that his two sons receive a college education in the event of his own death,” according to a cable quoted by the National Guard.

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Another document released states that after the flight began, the Washington office in Havana received orders to abandon the mission, but they had no way to contact the pilot.

When he returned, he told Martinez Murray that he had “no chance of repairing the accident as they had discussed”.

These documents are similar to the removal of Raul Castro from Cuba’s political career, at least officially.

The “accident plot” was described in a Senate panel report on conspiracies to assassinate foreign leaders in 1976, following an investigation into the CIA’s covert activities promoted by Senator Frank Churchill.

But the National Guard said key details, such as whether the killer was a pilot or involved in an “accident” civil aviation, were later omitted.

The plot preceded several plans to assassinate Raul’s brother, longtime leader Fidel Castro, and the failed CIA – funded anti – Castro invasion of the Pig Bay on April 16, 1961.

According to Peter Cornblue, historian of the National Security Archive, “these documents are reminiscent of the dark and grim past of US actions against the Cuban Revolution.”

“By the time the Castro era officially ends, there is a chance that those in charge of the United States will leave this historic burden behind and engage in the future of post-Castro Cuba,” he said. AFP. (I)