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The Cuban volleyball team sleeps on the floor after a decision by the Cuban Federation

The Cuban volleyball team sleeps on the floor after a decision by the Cuban Federation

CubitaNOW write ~ Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Cuban volleyball team had to rest on the ground while waiting to travel to San Salvador for the Central American games, a decision called into question due to the little rest the team had.

Some Cubans responded on social media to a video showing the team sleeping on the ground after they crossed the Atlantic Ocean, coming from France where they were participating in the League of Nations and just two days ago they faced opponents.

Journalist Leonardo Ruiz showed that bringing the team to Central America was a very bad idea.

“The Cuban volleyball team participating in the VNL,” resting “after a long flight from France to participate in the Central American Games in San Salvador. All for the lucky one that no one cares about. They gave one more to the Cuban Federation.

Just two days ago, the Cuban national team was competing in France and it is the same team that will play the third stage of the Volleyball Nations League. Some journalists and sports fans suggested that for the small Central American event the youth team should have attended, but the Cuban federation decided that the team that was in Europe should make the long trip to America.

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The 2023 Volleyball Nations League had six venues for the preliminary round and one for the finals. The tournament started in Ottawa (Canada), Nagoya (Japan), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Orleans (France), Anaheim (USA) and Pasay (Philippines). The champion will be known in Gdańsk (Poland). The competition started on Tuesday 6th June and the group stage will culminate on Sunday 9th July

Champion on Sunday, July 23rd.

Through Sunday, June 25, Cuba is in 12th place with 2 wins and 6 losses, a cumulative total of 5 points. Team Antilles has some talented young characters, but there are many faults that need to be ironed out and their art direction is in question.

In their last match, which took place against Bulgaria, in the French city of Orleans, the West Indians missed 35 points due to errors, and blocking also did not work. The Cubans commented that among the decision to resign many athletes were the conditions in which they train and compete, such measures prove this and constitute further evidence that sport in Cuba is not about to recover.

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