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Sicarios disguise themselves as doctors to rescue an injured comrade at Hospital de Sonora

Sicarios disguise themselves as doctors to rescue an injured comrade at Hospital de Sonora

Kaburka, Sonora – Public security forces repelled a group of The killers who tried to save an alleged partner From a hospital in the city of Caborca, Sonora state.

According to local reports, the events took place around 10 pm on Saturday 3 July in the municipality’s general hospital, where the alleged criminals entered disguised as doctors to carry out the tooth extraction operation.

However, the extraction attempt was thwarted by elements of the National Guard, the National Defense Secretariat (Our master), elements of the state police and state criminal investigation agents, who were guarding the hospital located between First Street and Sonora.

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Some local media reported unofficially that some patients had been evacuated; While doctors, nurses and administrators were looking for a place to protect themselves from the shooting.

After the events, local authorities announced the arrest of two suspected women. In addition, they reported that one of the soldiers was hit by a bullet and another person was injured while the vehicle overturned.

However, the authorities did not reveal the identity of the patient who was said to be rescued by the killers, but who allegedly participated in a confrontation with the police and was in custody.

In parallel, there was a confrontation in the municipality of Sonoran in Embalme, where the municipal police chief was executed.

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The customer, named Jose Maria Montella, received 10 bullets while driving on 7th Avenue and Calle 13 in the downtown area of ​​Guaymas.

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