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The College of Health Sciences includes 25 new medical professionals

The College of Health Sciences includes 25 new medical professionals

On Saturday, the second phase of the mandatory Final Practice Evaluation (PFO) was carried out in the facilities of the Municipal Hospital “Dr. Hector Cora” and the classrooms and laboratories of the Faculty of Health Sciences. On this occasion, 49 men and women were responsible for becoming new medical professionals at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the National University of Buenos Aires Provincial Centre. They were divided into two groups due to the large number of students enrolled.

There were 25 students who presented themselves last Saturday and on Saturday the 16th they performed a total of 24, adding up to 49 people who graduated as medical professionals.

New Professionals: Federico Lencina, Micaela Dell'Acqua, Julieta Iribarren, Jessica Micaela Laborde Mendoza, Lucia Camil Lopez, Jeremias Joel Linder, Ileana Ayler Lopez, Sebastian Clavero, Lisandro Inés León, Nabil Olav Manzur, Juana Pirogi Pirola, Agustina Messinho, Alex Fabian Migliavacca, Franco Montarsi, Pierina Priscioli Urieta, Anna Laura Oates, Annabella Palacios, Bruno Martin Barreto, Bruno Invernizzi, Maria Paola Beccles, Sara Ramaglia, Tomas Scala, Valentina Dujovic and Sabina Tomis, Monica Yanel Mansur, Lourdes Aguero, April Naiara. Guzmán, Francisco Baudrez, Micaela Bonifacio, Agustina Ondicola, Melanie Campo, Giulietta Cabandegui, Horacio Cittati, Luz Belen Lafuente, Antonella Curcio Lugue, Anahi Gonzalez, Camila De Martino, Niliam Agnelli Pavioni Palma, Lucrezia Silva, Dayana Rocio Fernandez, Sebastian Danilo Giangreco . Agustín Gil, Manuela Golotelec, Camila Gomez Merlos, Pierina dal Pogetto, María Pilar Guindo, Jennifer Ayala Jennifer, Matias Heit, and Victoria April Herrera.

Students were assessed by health professionals using the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) system. The OSCE is designed to implement Evaluate the clinical examination, objectively and systematically, focusing on a very important axis, which is the fact of evaluating the professional skills of future doctors.

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In this type of examination Theoretical concepts, clinical skills and abilities, and attitudes toward the clinical condition or problem are assessed in an integrated manner.. ECOE has two written representatives present for each station and clinic.

The Foundation stated: “From the College of Health Sciences, we congratulate the new professionals in the medical profession at the College of Health Sciences and redouble our commitment to comprehensive, comprehensive and quality training.”