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The challenge Adamari Lopez faces as a single mother searching for love and work

The challenge Adamari Lopez faces as a single mother searching for love and work

Adamari López is ready to return to acting. (Photo by: Alexandre Tamargo/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Adamari Lopez It's better than ever. He has physically achieved a transformation beyond weight loss. She is beautiful and shows discipline like no one else. He seems to have a time machine in his house. Emotionally, she was able to heal the wounds that led her to make the decision to separate from the father of her only daughter.. Professionally, he's starting to move again after spending nearly a decade in the same job and company.

In short, she is ready to face the world in every way, like that little girl who left her native Puerto Rico to pursue the dream of internationalizing her career.

this week, Lopez premiered his new show “Who will fall?“, making her the first woman to host a game show on Spanish-language television, The second from the United States after Ellen DeGeneres.

“I'm so excited that they chose me to do a game show. Giving women a chance and that woman was me,” Lopez said in an interview. Yahoo in Spanish. “Plus I had the opportunity back home at Televisa Univisión. It was great.”

The first season of 'Who will fall?' It will last five weeks. The possibility of a second season depends on the audience. “I hope people see it and support it so we can do it,” he said.

but, Adamari Lopez He had no intention of sitting around waiting for that. In his eyes, he has what was his first love, acting. While working at Telemundo, the artist considered the idea, but said she would only accept projects that fell during her daughter's vacation.

Now that he does not have a steady salary, since he left “Hoy Día”, the American network's morning show, things have changed.

He explained: “I will gladly return to acting, even if it is not in the summer. Just the more time I spend with my daughter, the better.” “I mean, my mother needs to work in the summer and all year round.”.

The girl's father, her ex-husband, dancer Tony Costa, works alone giving Zumba lessons and in some freelance projects. For example, at the end of January he will be part of the dance competition of the program “Hoy Día”. That is, she is the sole breadwinner for herself and the main breadwinner for her daughter. That's why you no longer have time or even geographic restrictions.

“I'll go to Mexico, or wherever I have the opportunity to work. If that's a project that interests me, but of course I'm there. But also, you have to pay for the girls' school, you have to pay for it. The house, you have to pay for the car, water”. He stressed that it is not a hobby.

In fact, in parallel with his artistic career, Adamari Lopez launched a project Online store One of the accessories is called AxA. The letters represent his name and the name of his daughter, Aliya.

“I have entrepreneurship that I really loved being able to do, and that also reflects a lot of who I am. It speaks to the heart, that mine is mine and will always belong to my daughter, but you always have it in your heart for someone who is important and meaningful to you. It could be Your mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend, sister, daughter, son, husband, friend, friend with benefits explained.

Adamari López never gives up on love

With two painful breakups in her love story – her ex-husband Luis Fonsi And Costa – other women will be warned against love. This is not the case for the Puerto Rican star who has been single for two and a half years.

“My heart is full of my daughter, but the space for romantic love is empty. This love has not arrived.” I confess. “I don't know what relationship to expect, however Yes, I'm open to finding a partner, but I want to be very careful, because I have a girl. “I don't want to bring anyone into my house.”

Of course, she made it clear that she was not looking for a partner so that she would not be alone. “It's not about sharing your life with anyone. If he doesn't come, nothing will happen either,” he said.

Right now, she's spending quality time with her daughter, her friends, and her work, and the sooner the better. She's grateful that they continue to “give her opportunities to continue to grow professionally, to do what I love, to stay connected with the audience, to learn the stories of each of these people who came on the show, to be able to help them in some way.” “Give them the opportunity to make money and realize their dreams,” he said. “I think so. And have fun. I had a lot of fun and I think the audience will have a lot of fun too.”

the program 'Who will fall?' It is broadcast in the United States on Unimás, the cable network of TelevisaUnivision, Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. In the rest of Latin America, new episodes can be watched from Tuesday to Saturday on the live streaming platform Fix. It's a contest of strategy and knowledge, scored by Lopez in Uruguay.

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