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The body of a drowned man was found in the Guantanamo Channel

The body of a drowned man was found in the Guantanamo Channel

Man’s body He likely died by drowning He was found on Thursday in the Callejon de Lula Canal, in the town of Jamaica, in the municipality of Manuel Tames, in Guantanamo, according to official sources.

The discovery occurred around one o’clock in the afternoon and the authorities have not yet identified the person, local journalist Miguel Reyes reported in his letter. Facebook account.

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According to his report, the deceased was a person between 50 and 55 years old, 1.60 meters tall, with “Indian” complexion and a plump body. In addition, he was wearing a jacket with blue, red and white stripes, and jeans colored “transparent with water,” Reyes said.

The body remains in the forensic department of San Rafael Cemetery.

In the Facebook group Revolico Guantanamero, a user made a post Posted with a photo of the deceased. “This morning in the neighborhood known as Callejon de Lula, Jamaica, this person was found drowned in the canal. Family or friends please identify him. This is a sad moment for all of us neighbors,” he wrote.

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A little over a month ago, A 20-year-old man drowned in Guantanamo while trying to rescue a relative On the beach of Barigita in Baracoa.

Also in September, A young man named Robert Betancourt of Zaragoza died in the province of Camagüey After he drowned in the dam.

A tragedy put a family in mourning Residing in the town of Australia, in Matanzas, when Two brother children drowned in the river. This event shocked the entire community.

In another unfortunate event, Cousins ​​Julides Sanchez Escalante, only 13, and Claudia Escalante Carmenate, 16, died in drowning. In a river pond in the municipality of Palma Soriano in Santiago de Cuba, despite the efforts of the friends who accompanied them to rescue them.

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