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The Amazon founder responded – FireWire

The Amazon founder responded – FireWire

mr monster He has fame and lots and lots of money. But he always needs something else, and on July 1 he posted this sentence on his Twitter account: “Today seems like a great day for Jeff Bezos to give me a billion dollars for fun.”

What he had not imagined was that He will receive a response from the founder of Amazon.

after two days, Jeff Bezos He started following Mr. Beast on the social network. “follow me” wrote the youtuber, with a huge eyes emoji.

At the moment, this is the only public reaction from the head of Amazon, and it is not known if they started writing to each other in direct messages. Much less if he gave him the billion dollars.

But it appears to be a start beautiful friendship.

The second YouTube post added 56.3K likes, with 599 RT. Mr. Best has 21.6 million followers on Twitter while his channel is on YouTube She has 164 million subscribers.

Mr. Beast and the tragedy of the submarine Titan

Jimmy Donaldson, A businessman and philanthropist known as Mr. Beast, he has recently been the protagonist of a spin-off. As shown in the screenshot, He came close to going on Titan’s disastrous voyage.

At the end of June, a group of five crew members died after them And the submarine Titan, which was visiting the wreckage of the Titanic, exploded in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mr Best wrote on his Twitter account: “I was invited earlier this month to go on the submarine to the Titanic, I said no. It’s a little scary to be there.”

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The billionaire showed a screenshot of a message that read: “I am going to the Titanic in a submarine at the end of this month. The team will be glad to have you.” It was not reported who invited or who wrote to YouTube.