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The new Meta app to compete with Twitter “| Listín Diario

The new Meta app to compete with Twitter “| Listín Diario

Meta, the owner of Facebook, will launch in the next few days a A new app called Themes (filaments, in English) Designed to compete with Twitter.

The themes were already available on Monday in the mobile app stores for the iPhone and Android operating systems for pre-purchase before going live.

“Threads is where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics that matter to us today to the ones that will be trending tomorrow,” explains the app description on these stores.

The version of this app coincides with the Uncertainty on Twitter Since buying Elon Musk in October, which restructured the company, he has laid off thousands of workers and placed a payment barrier on many of the network’s benefits.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced in mid-March that it was working on a new social network whose description made it a potential competitor to Twitter.

Threads will allow you to “connect directly with your favorite creators and others who love the same things, or build a loyal following to share your ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world,” as the description on the mobile store states.

We are thinking of a An independent and decentralized social network The group said in a statement sent to Agence France-Presse that “the exchange of written messages in real time.”

Just last week, Elon Musk caused outrage among Twitter users by announcing that the platform would limit the number of messages an individual could read per day.

The vast majority of non-paying users were capped by the subscription 1000 daily tweets.

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The supposed aim of this measure is to prevent third-party companies, especially developers of artificial intelligence models, from using data dumped on the platform.