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The Academy of Sciences supports the management of progress in Pedernales |  Momento.net

The Academy of Sciences supports the management of progress in Pedernales | Momento.net

Santo Domingo- The Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) welcomed the arrival of the first tourist cruise from Cabo Rojo Pedernales, one of the pillars of progress in the southwestern region.

He commented that in 2004 he submitted to then-President Hipólito Mejía a proposal to develop the tourist town of Bahía de las Aguilas, which was committed to developing Pedernales and preserving its natural heritage.

Respect protected areas

He stressed that President Luis Abinader had fulfilled his promise to develop Bahía de las Aguilas-Pedernales and the lake area, while respecting protected areas.

In this sense, what has happened so far is considered a “historical event” because the region is not only geographically remote, but also socially and economically.

He expressed that his vision for the future has now completely changed and that his development arm is geared towards sustainability-based tourism.

He added that tourism is a non-consumptive activity of natural resources, and requires only planning and a vision of sustainability, and above all, the social and economic liberation of humans who have been absent from technology for a long time.

He explained that part of the Council's motivation for attending was to witness the coronation of an ambition, a proposal that was mocked or not noticed by many governments.

Attention should focus on regulations

The scientific institution stated that it is appropriate to focus attention on regulations and procedures to ensure social justice and the harmonious coexistence of tourism with environmental protection.

He estimated that the Ministry of Environment should be aware of its responsibility as head of protected areas since Pedernales has 69% of its land in national parks, national recreation areas, biosphere reserves and wetlands.

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