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The 10 most powerful passports in Latin America for 2024: What about Colombia?

The 10 most powerful passports in Latin America for 2024: What about Colombia?

Indicator Henley passport A few days ago he posted List of countries that have the most powerful passports in the world. Among them is Colombia, and many regions of Latin America that have managed to remain in First 50 places. We tell you what they are.

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This is the “Top 10 Passports in Latin America, according to the Henley Passport Ranking, which corresponds to… The original and approved classification of all passports in the world starting from The number of destinations that holders can reach without a prior visa.

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1. passport Chili pepper She ranked fifteenth in the rankings. Citizens holding this document can visit about 177 countries.

2. Secondly, for this “top” 10, it is located in Argentina, which ranks No. 16 in the overall rankings. It has 174 countries available to visit.

3. Then, in seventeenth place on the general list BrazilWith 173 countries.

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4. And after this, we have Mexico In 23rd place with 161 countries.

5. Uruguay It ranks 26th and this passport can enter 156 countries.

6. passport Costa Rica It is ranked 28th overall with 152 countries.

7. Panama It has 149 countries available to visit and ranks 31st.

8. With a Paraguayan passport You can enter 146 countries. It is ranked 33rd on the list.

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9. passport Peru It stands out at number 36, with 142 countries available.

10. To finish this “top” 10, we have Guatemala, with 137 countries available. The country ranks 38th on the overall list.

Outside the “top” 10 of Latin American passports Savior (39th place in the complete ranking) and in 40th place is Colombia, therefore, all people who hold this passport He will be able Travel to 135 countries.

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It is important to note that the indicator depends on… Exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

These countries occupied first place in the ranking of countries that possess the strongest passport in the world

Four European regions entered first place: France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and Japan and Singapore also joined them.

It is listed as the most important passports, and citizens who hold any of these six passports can visit it 194 destinations out of 227 around the world.

Ms. Daniela Ortiz Góngora

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