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That’s the iOS 17 news for Wallet and Apple Pay

That’s the iOS 17 news for Wallet and Apple Pay

Wallet didn’t get the expected big update in iOS 17, but Apple didn’t forget about it either!

Wallet and Apple Pay will facilitate purchases and user identification

The iOS 17 update presented at WWDC 2023 left no aside Apple financial products. Although it was not the expected redesign according to rumors before the presentation, especially in their interface, the improvements have been noted and will therefore benefit us.

What’s new in Wallet and Apple Pay with iOS 17

Apple has looked at New features introduced by Apple Pay and Walletby posting a video clip on his site Developer site and related documents.

Discover the latest Wallet and Apple Pay updates. Learn how to leverage pre-authorized Apple Pay Later payments, money transfers, and promotions to create great Apple Pay experiences in your app or on the web. Explore the improved support for Mail, Messages, Safari, and third-party apps in Wallet Order Tracking, and find out how you can add more information to your order receipt or transaction details. And we’re introducing Tap to Present ID on iPhone, a new way to accept ID in Wallet using your iPhone, without any additional hardware.

A valid corporate ID

As previously announced by Apple, iPhone users‌ will be able to present their driver’s license or ID stored in the Wallet app at participating businesses and venues starting later this year. Users will simply hold an iPhone‌ or Apple Watch near a company’s iPhone‌ to verify their age and identity for things like alcohol, car rentals, and more.

One of the most talked about features was the ability to add our ID to Wallet thus offering an easier, faster and more secure way to share our information.

That's the iOS 17 news for Wallet and Apple Pay

Through a post on his site Official site Starting this fall, Apple said, “Businesses will be able to accept IDs into Apple Wallet, without the need for additional hardware.” Thus, the customer will be able to provide their identity using their iPhone and Apple Wallet for things like alcohol purchases, car rentals, and more.

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Track Apple Pay on Apple Maps

Tracking of “Apple Pay” orders gets several improvements, including support for Apple Maps, transaction receipts, the ability to add an order to the Wallet app from an email attachment, and a new “Track with Apple Wallet” button for apps and websites.

The feature will also benefit merchants, who can now attach a receipt to ‘Apple Pay’ orders as a PDF or image file, so that the customer has a record of the wallet payment. On their side, the customer can click on the email attachment in the Mail app and add the order to the Wallet app.