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Summary of the match between Juventus and Villarreal (0-3).  Objectives

Summary of the match between Juventus and Villarreal (0-3). Objectives

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The unimaginable happened. Villarreal Arrived with the victim label before Juventus And he did manhood, and he did what no one thought of Leave Vecchia Signora subordinate Champions League beat him 3-0 in Fifthcounting Who played in Turin with a score of 4-1 on aggregate.

The yellow submarine Sail in murky waters, but Know how to get rid of all dangers Which the Italians invented in the first minutes to later find gold and Take the ticket to the quarter-finals.

Put luck on a shirt VillarrealThe Iberians knew how to suffer from the game. In the first few minutes Juventus attacked from all sides And in all ways, but the poles played their important role in saving Submarine.

After the overwhelming start of the program Turin The game had a tinge of calm, Dangerous acts were rare And that was in the last 15 minutes Villarreal was honored.

Firstly A superb penalty kick by Gerardo Moreno that opened the wayThe Juventus They could have done something, there was time, but there was no imagination for you to beat the mark and even though they went with everything to the front Submarine Take advantage of the spaces.

Already with one Juventus I gave up completely and turned to the front Pau Torres placed second On the forehead of the Italian national team, a header completely killed the aspirations of the Italians, as if that were not enough. Penalty in compensation ended with a pass stamp to the Spanish neighborhoods.

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The Italian teams completely failed in the Champions LeagueFrom then on, all the teams that played this competition will be watching the following events of the tournament on TV They have all been eliminated.