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Summary of the Chivas match against Santos (2-0).  Objectives

Summary of the Chivas match against Santos (2-0). Objectives

to Guadalajara Nobody stops her. added him Fourth win in a row With a 2-0 win St. Lagoon as part of The tenth day affiliate End of 2023.

Chivas Finally put the box home and that was the second victory with two good goals. the first to Victor Guzman And then Fernando Beltranwho scored an amazing goal.

They already are 21 points from a team Veliko Paunovicamong the best in the tournament.

What were Pocho and Nene’s goals like?

The duel began with Chivas attacking W.J Daniel Rios occurred in the region to Matthews DoriaAnd no penalty kick was scored.

The first goal came in the 15th minute Beltran He fired a shot that hit the post. It already looked dangerous.

But it was 17 o’clock when registration opened; Robert Alvarado He headed a corner kick Victor Guzman And he sent it to the save to make it 1-0.

It is small, St. Lagoon He took the ball and the answer was expected, but no; in contrast, Guzman He left the second score with his head, a ball that hit the post. Ronaldo Cisneros He couldn’t make it to 26 minutes.

while, Javier Correa He answered on behalf of Santos and at 30 o’clock, he headed over and sent it to one side.

before the half-time whistle, Hugo Rodriguez Head to the area and serve it up in the 44th minute.

At 45 minutes, Chivas struck again: Beltran an act The great goal by kicking the rejected ball from a corner kick; He swerved and the score was 2-0.

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No reaction, no more goals…

already in the second half, Javier Correa He hit a shot at 62 minutes on a ball inside the area and brought it back again. He follows Jose Gonzalezwho hit him at the age of 65 from above in another place tapatia chance.

he Guadalajara keep the advantage and win gold; It is confirmation of Rogblanco’s great move.