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Students participate in the morphological science competition

Students participate in the morphological science competition

Zacatecas. Representatives of UAZ from four fields: neuroanatomy, anatomy, histology and embryology will attend the 29th competition for students of morphological sciences, to participate in the National Anatomy Congress, whose headquarters is the meritorious University of Puebla, and will be held from October 3 to October. The seventh day of the same month. Between 19 and 24 universities participate in this competition, and UAZ took good places from the second and third places.

Sarah Niles Ramirez Garcia and Ana Landa Rivera, students in the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences in the third semester, will be part of the team representing the institution in these competitions, on the one hand, Sarah in anatomy and Anna in neuroanatomy.

Anna Landa commented that this is an experience in which she will learn more, and at the same time, she said that it reinforces her knowledge learned in previous classes, and also highlights the coexistence with researchers of international standing.

For her part, Sarah expressed that participation in the competition is useful because the topics she had previously seen are taken up again, which she now enjoys, in addition to being an appreciation for the effort, which she said she feels proud of. .

Participating in an event like this National Anatomy Conference is a source of great pride for their families who have shown their full support.

Preparation for the team consisted in reviewing everything that was seen in these subjects, for which they are making extra effort, because they do not neglect their classes, for which they also do some work, and have the support of their teachers.

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The students thanked the support of the Department of the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences, headed by Rosa Martha Covarrubias Carrillo, who provided them with support for their relocation and accommodation in Puebla.