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Strong sending from President Duke in the United States

Strong sending from President Duke in the United States

President Ivan Duk spoke harshly against Nicolas Maduro. “He is Latin American Vladimir Putin”, It argues that this has created the displacement of at least 7 million Venezuelan citizens who have come to various countries, including Colombia.

Ahead of his meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday this week, the head of state, He promised that Colombia’s position among his government would not change and that he would continue to warn against the dictatorship pointed out by Nicolas Maduro.

The President recalled that the International Criminal Court (ICC) had extended the case against Maduro, along with other presidents, for crimes related to human rights abuses and crimes against humanity.

It should be remembered that from the very beginning of the so-called ‘special military operation’ announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has occupied strategically important territories in Ukraine, the cold effects of the conflict have been revealed.

In this sense, this occupation has triggered one of the most important refugee crises in recent decades as the world heads towards Europe. More than two million migrants arrived in recent days, according to data provided by Akhnoor, the UN special refugee agency.

According to UN estimates, the number of migrants since February 24 is equivalent to about 4.5% of the total population of Ukraine, according to World Bank figures. , The population of Ukraine is estimated at 44 million by 2020.

According to Akhnoor, the latest issue spread through its Twitter account, “2 million in 12 days. That is what it means If the attack continues, half of the 4 million refugees estimated by Akhnoor will have been reached. ”

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Biden delegation meets Maduro

On the other hand, despite the tough stance of the United States, the meeting between representatives of the government of Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and the government of US President Joe Biden made a strong impact in various fields. Neighboring policy ..

This amazing panorama unleashed the reaction of Vice President and President Marta Lucia Ramirez, who was waiting for President Evan Duke’s meeting with the US President. With the intention of hearing the official position of that meeting that took place in Venezuela, at the White House this Thursday.

“I hope our forthcoming visit to the United States with President Evan Duke, through a meeting with President Biden, will allow us to really hear what the US approach is,” Ramirez said.

He further explained in his statement: “Listening is understood at the end of the day. Colombia is a strategic ally, and just as Colombia needs America, we meet each other, need each other, have relationships built every day based on respect and trust.

According to The New York Times, Last Saturday, top US officials traveled to Venezuela to hold extraordinary talks with the government of Nicolas Maduro. In a blatant attempt to alienate the South American country from its Russian hosts after the invasion of Ukraine at the behest of Vladimir Putin.