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Southwest pilots are at a disadvantage over United, Delta and American pilots

Southwest pilots are at a disadvantage over United, Delta and American pilots

220 pilots were lost

t| Miami | September 10, 2023
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Although Southwest pilots have been negotiating with the airline for three years, they have not yet been able to reach an agreement, so they are at a disadvantage compared to the arrangements made by United, Delta and American.

Thus, the company lost 220 pilots, as they sought to improve salaries and stabilize the schedule. However, this costs Southwest millions of dollars in training costs and time spent on simulators and trainers, something the airline will not be able to recover.

Southwest has faced several emergencies at airports where it has had to cancel or delay flights due to mismanagement at the scheduling level, SWAPA President Casey Murray said, the Nuevo Herald reported.

Likewise, he expressed that the airline has offered a number of reassignments which is the main reason for customer delays. An airline that does not give its pilots short- or long-term disabilities and medical checks.

As mentioned reportor.usIn July, United reached a preliminary labor agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) for a 40.2% raise over the next four years, the same as Delta’s and an agreement that would represent $10 billion similar to that of American. (United is equal to Delta and American with a 40% raise for pilots).

The salary arrangement includes job security with retirement plans, work standards, and compensation. The increase will be gradual, starting from 34.5% until it reaches 40.2%, depending on the position, with a retroactive reward for those associated with the company since January 2020.

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