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SOLTI provides an e-learning platform for precision medicine applied to oncology

SOLTI provides an e-learning platform for precision medicine applied to oncology

The training program is now available Scientific bitesPromoted by SOLTI, an academic research group in oncology. it’s new platform e-learning In precision medicine applied to tumors It targets all professionals working in cancer management: oncologists, pathologists, multi-researchers, molecular biologists, radiation oncologists, pharmacists, oncology nursing, and other medical and surgical specialties.

Precision medicine is the new paradigm permeating the oncology approach, and thus, “Scientific bites will provide updated knowledge of the discipline and put it in context with developments in molecular biology, genetics and genomics.”SOLTI President noted, Alex Pratt, Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and Director of the Chair of Innovation in Micro-Oncology at the University of Buffalo.

The SCIENTIFIC BITES program addresses a dynamic audiovisual format and an interdisciplinary approach, Various current scientific questions that respond to unmet medical needs in cancer diagnosis and treatment. As documentary support, each thematic kit contains downloadable materials and video capsules with scientific presentations and discussions with leading experts on the topics covered. In addition, and to ensure the achievement of the training objectives of the participants, the platform provides the possibility to conduct a self-assessment of the acquired knowledge to ensure its achievement.And the Pratt added.

One of the programme’s priorities is to engage new generations of specialists in cancer research and continuing education, as well as to encourage scientific talent through training activity that is attractive in design, and innovative in form and content.

Updated. In this new era of precision medicine.Oncologists and all specialists involved in cancer management need knowledge of molecular biology, genetics, genomics and the development of new therapies in order to make the best decisions regarding diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials and translational research. Dr. Pratt concluded.

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Content structuring

The BITES science platform is presented with a simple design with intent Facilitate access to content By choosing basic information, categorize them into capsules or small portions.

Each BITE addresses a topic in Structure of 4 or 5 units, Which was proposed and coordinated by a member of the SCIENTIFIC BITES Scientific Committee based on a medical need arising from clinical experience and / or a reasonable hypothesis formulated by the scientific community.

The coordination is audiovisual and the training begins with a video of about 10-15 minutes, which contains a theoretical presentation by an expert in the field and a subsequent discussion in the format. Peer-to-peer, inter-teacher And an expert fellow knows the same field from a different point of view.

The platform provides supporting documentary material in PDF format, which is very useful for studying or using data.