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Social Security will make a one-time payment of $1,415 in April

Social Security will make a one-time payment of $1,415 in April

Some benefits for temporarily disabled, total or partial blindness, or needy older adults are paid through the Supplemental Security Income program.

Therefore, most citizens who belong to this program generally receive up to $943.00 USD. The good news is that some people can receive a check up to $1,415.00 USD by next April.

This is the amount for registered persons It contains Coupled with the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

In this sense, only married couples with really low income or almost no money can qualify for this payment.

It was established by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Likewise, the organization points out that single individuals can only receive up to $943.00 USD.

The reality is that regardless of the case, on April 1, 2024, the SSA will send the payment for that month. Hence, all beneficiaries eligible for the scheme can receive their check on this date.

SSA also clarifies that another day payment is unlikely. That means we have to wait until next month to get June.

In fact, there are people who already have another retirement benefit, which does not preclude them from applying for SSI. Therefore, they can combine it with some other SSA benefit or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)..

Who gets SSI?

Adults and children with little or no income may qualify for SSI as established by the program. Likewise, people with a disability, blindness, or age 65 or older do the same.

It is worth clarifying that monthly payments depend on income, housing situation, owned assets and other factors. Therefore, every month they must report their salary, income and other changes in their household resources or arrangements.