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Second Research Conference of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences: 40 Years of Democracy in Argentina

Second Research Conference of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences: 40 Years of Democracy in Argentina

Organized by the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (INHUS, CONICET-UNMDP) of the Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and the National University of Mar del Plata (UNMdP) Second INHUS Research Conference: “40 Years of Democracy in Argentina”. Activities will take place in Mar del Plata until 11/03 at the INHUS Headquarters and the UNMdP Directorate.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Head of the United Nations Development Programme, Alfredo Lazeretti; Deputy Director of CCT CONICET Mar del Plata, Leonardo Coratti; Outgoing INHUS Director and Council Researcher Marcella Ferrari and Interim Director of the Institute Agustín Nieto.

“We are very satisfied that INHUS has organized this event and sparked a deep discussion about democracy. These meetings are increasingly necessary to discuss and resolve our differences,” Corati stated in his opening remarks.

For his part, Lazeretti expressed his happiness at receiving scientific leaders at the House of Graduate Studies, and stressed the importance of social sciences and this event in particular “because they provide thinking and discussion about what we have achieved and what we lack.”

The overall goal of these regional conferences is to promote the exchange of knowledge and discussion of ideas on a very sensitive topic of Argentine modern history: the forty years of democratic recovery and the subsequent political, social, economic and educational reconstruction. . The activities will be thematic panels, keynote conferences and panel discussions to be held at both headquarters and in a mixed manner with the participation of researchers with recognized expertise in the region.

After the initial verb, Inaugural Conference: “New Democracy Management” Written by the famous sociologist Juan Carlos Torre and presented by Adriana Alvarez. As a specialist in issues related to Peronism and the labor movement, Touré spoke about the challenges and implications for the democratic process at the present time.

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The days will contain Conversation: “Political Alliances in Democracy” Composed by Anna Maria Mustabek and Marcela Ferrari, followed by a performance Book: “The Year We Restored Democracy.” 1983: A state of controversy” Coordinated by Marcella Ferrari and Mariano Fabrice. There will be too Dialogue: “Federalism and Democracy” In the presence of Fernando Cuesta from the Association of Banks, Daniel Manso, Deputy Secretary of the Mar del Plata Union of Light and Power and members of INHUS: Agustín Nieto, Joaquín Aldão and Gustavo Contreras.

Likewise there will be two panels: “Social, demographic and cultural movements in democracy” Composed by Perla Zusman and Carlos Altamirano and coordinated by Anna Borua and Patricia Lucero. “Politics, Gender and Reconstructing Democracy” Written by Paola Lingetta, Mario Piccini, Gerardo Aboy Carles and presented by Silvana Ferreira.

To watch the full program: click here

The conference is open for participation by the academic community in Mar del Plata and the interested public, with advance registration: click here

for more information: [email protected]