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San Marcos Results 2024-II: Find out if you passed the Health Sciences Entrance Examination |  the answers

San Marcos Results 2024-II: Find out if you passed the Health Sciences Entrance Examination | the answers

National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) will be held this weekend, March 16th and 17th Entrance Examination 2024-IIWhere thousands of applicants will try to reach one of the vacant positions in order to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Dean of America.

UNMSM will create 4,771 vacancies this year. Depending on the areas of specialization, the entrance exam will be conducted on different dates. Get to know them here by region:

  • Saturday 9 March: Area D (Economic and Management Sciences) and Area E (Humanities, Legal and Social Sciences).
  • Sunday 10 March: Area B (Basic Sciences) and Area C (Engineering).
  • Saturday 16 March: Field 1 (health sciences, excluding professional school of human medicine).
  • Sunday 17 March: Professional School of Human Medicine

UNMSM Entrance Exam Results 2024-II

The list of UNMSM participants will be published today around 6pm or 7pm. You will be able to see who has found a vacancy in Dean of America In the . It should be noted that It will be activated by the Office of Central Admissions (OCA) at the time mentioned in the first lines.

It should be noted that the portal usually crashes due to the large number of inquiries.

How long does the entrance exam take and how many questions?

The UNMSM 2024-II assessment lasts 3 hours and consists of 100 questions: 30 questions on skills and 70 questions on knowledge. It is also important to emphasize that its distribution depends on the region to which the person applies.

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What time does San Marcos entrance exam 2024-II start?

Check-in time is from 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM (scheduled time). The entrance exam begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m.

What to bring for the 2024-II entrance exam?

To enter, applicants will need to bring their applicant card, sworn statement without signature or fingerprint, and National Identity Document (DNI).

What are the minimum scores to enter UNMSM?

As determined by the authorities at the University Council, the minimum score for the UNMSM 2024-II entrance examination will be 900 points. Likewise, if the applicant's first chosen major does not reach the required grade, he or she will have the opportunity to enter the second chosen major as long as it is free, also on merit and without harming another student.

Who will take the test in the San Marcos 2024-II entrance exam on Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17

  • Saturday, March 16: Health sciences field, excluding the professional school of human medicine.
  • Sunday, March 17: Professional School of Human Medicine

What should not be brought to the 2024-II entrance exam?

UNMSM has informed applicants for the 2024-II entrance examination that entry will be denied to some objects which we display below:

  • Jewelry (earring, ring, piercing, watch, bracelet, necklace, etc.)
  • Bags (backpack, wallet, rucksack, bag, purse, etc.)
  • Food and drinks (in any offer, including dessert)
  • Miscellaneous items (spray bottle, keychain, handkerchief, etc.)
  • Books and notebooks (papers, tabs, magazines, etc.)
  • Clothing items (coat, jeans, belt, T-shirt, hat, hood, jacket, etc.)
  • Technology devices (cell phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch, etc.)
  • Office supplies (pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener, etc.)
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It must be emphasized to all young people that if they are found with one of these items, they will not be able to enter to take the exam or will simply have to dispose of it, although they are allowed to carry their DNI and applicant card. The Dean of America will provide all necessary materials for applicants to complete their tests without any inconvenience.