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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 has been certified in the US: all three models have been confirmed

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 has been certified in the US: all three models have been confirmed

The North American FCC has certified the Galaxy S24, confirming in passing that there will be, at least, up to 6 different versions with the usual three flavours.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series confirms that it will maintain the three-flavor strategy: S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra.

Several weeks earlier than the previous generation, it will be presented on January 17, and the fact is that Samsung’s Galaxy S24 continues its way into stores at a good pace, having received the first certification in Thailand for… Let us know all the details From the model Super Waiting for more documentation, like the one you’ve posted now United States Federal Communications Commission after Check out all three models new Main South Korea.

As it always happens, Samsung will arrive with no secrets in Unpacked 2024 We just need to know the prices and availability of some of the top products in the coming year They will keep the strategy unchangedThe North American certification confirms this specifically: there will be 3 models, as always, each of which will have at least 2 versions.

From Samsung they associate themselves with a lot The Galaxy S24 series is launching in all major marketssince the Seoul giant has already received the appropriate authorization for all these models:

  • Samsung SM-S921B.- Galaxy S24 (Global)
  • Samsung SM-S926B.- Galaxy S24+ (Global)
  • Samsung SM-S928B.- Galaxy S24 Ultra (Global)
  • Samsung SM-S921U.- Galaxy S24 (USA)
  • Samsung SM-S926U.- Galaxy S24+ (USA)
  • Samsung SM-S928U.- Galaxy S24 Ultra (USA)

It was something we no longer recognized, but knew almost for sure, however Thus, the three models S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra that were expected have been confirmed Maintaining the distinctive features and lines that Samsung has been able to create, even though it seems so in this exercise We will again tend to continue flattening the screen At least one Ultra model needs this touch for Convenience of using the S-Pen.

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Therefore, models ending with the letter “U” will be sold exclusively to operators in the United States with contact blocked, as always. Units ending with the letter “B” will reach the markets of Africa, Australia, Europe and Latin AmericaLet’s hope for another year There is no differentiation in the platform And all of them with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy.

A prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in hand

If everything goes well, Its launch will be brought forward by a month or so Regarding the Galaxy S23, since according to informants in Asia after the Unpacked that will be held in California on January 17, Samsung plans to start shipping on the 30th of this month In the same first month of 2024.

We’ll stay tuned, but in case you want to expand on the details, you’ve got all the information about the Galaxy S24 in this article we’ve just linked to you… Are you really as impatient as us?