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Salmonella outbreak in frozen shrimp of about 20 brands

Salmonella outbreak in frozen shrimp of about 20 brands

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned of a Salmonella outbreak affecting about 20 brands of frozen shrimp in the United States, some of which came to Puerto Rico.

Shrimp of the following brands may not be eaten, sold or served on CDC order:

365, Behold, Big River, Sensia, Poultry Sea, CWNO, First Street, Food Lion, Hannaford, Port Banks, Honest Capture, HOS, Major, Nature Promise, Open Acre, Sandbar, Sea Curve, Waterfront Bistro, Wellsley Farms, y WFNO brands.

This shrimp was distributed nationwide between November 2020 and May 2021, but may have recently been sold in stores.

The CDC has recorded 9 cases of Salmonella disease from this shrimp, three of which have been hospitalized.

What to do if you have one of these products

Health officials were ordered not to eat these items and throw them away or return to the store where they were purchased.

Wash surfaces or objects in contact with shrimp with warm soapy water.

As for businesses, they should avoid selling shrimp and wash all containers that were in contact with the products.

Symptoms of Salmonella

According to the CDC, you should see a doctor if you experience severe Salmonella symptoms:

Symptoms of dehydration such as diarrhea and fever above 102 F, diarrhea for more than three days without improvement, persistent vomiting, or dizziness on waking.

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